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Chiefswood Park is situated on 20 acres located on Highway 54, adjacent to the Chiefswood National Historic. The Park itself consists of two sections; top and riverside, with docking facilities as well as canoe and kayak rentals for those who wish to enjoy the beautiful Grand River, a designated Heritage River within Ontario.


Summer 2018 Construction

We are excited to be making some new changes to the park this Summer of 2018! With these changes, the top portion of the Park will be unavailable due to the construction of our “Glamping” sites. Stay tuned, it will be well worth the wait!


Chiefswood Park Revitalization Update

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Scenic Grand River View

Docking facilities

Dawn and Dusk Paddle Experiences

Take in the Beautiful Carolinian Forest

Community Partnership Program

The Chiefswood Park Partnerships Program was developed to support and foster the amazing voices within our community. Six Nations is a growing community, and with thousands of visitors every year, a vibrant tourism destination. This program is available to groups whose programming directly benefits the Six Nations community and its members, and seeks to increase the profile of Six Nations locally, nationally or internationally. Programming can include, but is not limited to:cultural gatherings, music concerts, workshops, dance performances and summer camps.

Program Objectives
1.Develop and foster mutually beneficial relationships with organizations both locally,nationally, and internationally.
2.Support collaborative initiatives with organizations that strive to enhance and contribute tothe betterment of our community.
3.Create varied, innovative, and engaging programming.

Session Date
Spring Intake Information Session January 16, 2019
Spring Intake Deadline (For events from April 2018 – September 2018) February 1, 2019
Spring Intake Successful Applicants Notified February 15, 2019
Fall Intake Information Session August 22, 2019
Fall Intake Deadline (For events from October 2018 – March 2018) September 13, 2019
Fall Intake Successful Applicants Notified September 23, 2019

Our Vision
The Community Partnerships Program aims to create, engage, and offer inclusive programming for all.

Our Values
The Community Partnerships Program aims to address the seven interdependent priorities outlined within the Six Nations Community Plan:
•Mother Earth
•Built Environment
•Employment & Education
•Economic Development
•Arts & Culture
For the complete Six Nations Community Plan document, please visit content/uploads/2016/07/Six-Nations-Community-Plan-FINAL.pdf.

To view the presentation on our Community Partnership Program click here.




To access the online application for the Community Partnership Program click here. 

Facility Rentals


Please note that due to construction in the Summer of 2018 the "Top" portion will not be available


Chiefswood Park Regular Rate Community Rate Deposit Required
Boat Ramp:
















-Top and Riverside (per day) (top N/A)


-Top or Riverside only (per day)



-Tent Camping



-Pop-up Tent Camping















From $45/night



From $55/night







































Canoe and Kayak (based on 1 hr rental):




Canoe and Kayak (based on 3 hr rental):























Picnic Pavilion:








Full Day



Half Day








$12/Adult or $10/Child (3hr max)






















For Chiefswood Park inquiries please call (519) 752-3969

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