Archers_15098_preview.jpegSix Nations Tourism is hosting our first ever #nationalarcheryday event!  Everyone welcome to attend and learn the safety instructions of how to properly use a bow and arrow as well as target practice.  There will be two sessions: the first being held at 10am and the second session being held at 1pmAdmission to the event is $5/per person and $20 for adult bow rental and $15 for youth bow rental.  Please make sure to pay inside the tourism building before heading out into the target practices.

This event is a prelude to Six Nations Tourism’s new program:


Haudenosaunee Archery

Visit Six Nations of the Grand River to learn about the traditional and current use of archery, how to safely shoot a traditional recurve, long bows as well as more modern compound bows.

The Six Nations Tourism archery program allows people of all ages and skill level an opportunity to learn about the significance of the bow and arrow to the Haudenosaunee, while learning to safely shoot while still having fun! Archery will allow participants to get physically active while also practicing mental and spiritual aspects of the activity.

To book this program please call 519-758-5444 or email [email protected]archery